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"Better Morning is a thriving community based mental health provider where prevention is possible, and recovery from mental health is the expectation."

Better morning is committed to:

  • A wellness-oriented community where there is no stigma toward receiving behavioral health treatment.
  • People with behavioral health disorders living long, safe, and fulfilling lives.
  • Strong collaborations with partner organizations to achieve this vision.


"Better Morning aspires to promote quality behavioral health care for all".

Better Morning accepts the responsibility to develop, reach, share, and sustain by example the kinds of relationships that will allow each member of the family unit to reach their fullest potential.



  • Respect

    All people who engage with Better Morning are treated with dignity and valued for their abilities and contributions.

  • Accountability

    Better Morning is responsible to consumers and family members for support and unobstructed access to services. The agency encourages all interested parties to participate in the planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of treatment, services, and policy.

  • Recovery

    Better Morning services are provided based on the belief that people can recover from mental and substance use disorders. Services and support for consumers, clients, and their families are tailored to: Empower them to improve their quality of life; Address individual needs; Focus on strengths and resiliency; Provide choices and immediate access; and Provide opportunities to participate in rehabilitation, regardless of disability.

  • Quality

    Better morning is responsive, cost-effective, and incorporates high standards, best practices, cultural sensitivity, and consumer satisfaction. Better morning is committed to professional integrity, objectivity, fairness, and ethical business practices.

  • Education

    Better Morning takes the following actions to improve the service delivery system: Shares information among consumers, family members, providers, and the public; Promotes prevention, wellness, and recovery; Reduces stigma; Recognizes the needs of others for information; and Communicates in an open and candid manner.

  • Caring

    Better Morning encourages genuine partnerships among consumers and clients, family members, providers, and others that foster unconditional positive regard for the concerns of those who seek and receive services.

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