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Core Services (in DC only)

Better Morning is certified by the DC Department of Behavioral Health as a Core Services Agency (CSA). As a Core Service Agency, Better Morning provides four Core Services to child/ youth and adults and one evidenced based service (EBP).

Better Morning is staffed with Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional counselors, a team of licensed therapists and a team of experienced Bachelor and Masters level Community Support Specialists, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, and a number of part-time Psychiatrists.

Intensive Home & Community Based Services (IHCBS) for Child and Youth – CBI II & III (in DC only)

CBI Level II and III are time-limited, intensive, mental health services delivered to children and youth ages six (6) through twenty-one (21). CBI services are intended to prevent the utilization of an out-of­home therapeutic resource or a detention of the consumer. CBI services may be provided at the time a child or youth is identified for a service, particularly to meet an urgent or emergent need during his or her course of treatment. CBI is primarily focused on the development of the consumer skills to promote behavior change in the child or youth's natural environment and empower the child or youth to cope with his or her emotional disturbance.

Medication Management (in DC only)

Medication is a personal choice. Better Morning provides psychiatric services including meeting with a psychiatrist to evaluate and discuss the possible need for and benefits of medication management. Medications are prescribed when both the doctor and the consumer agree that medication will assist with managing the presenting symptoms of the consumer’s mental illness.

We encourage our consumers to meet with the psychiatrist monthly to monitor for possible side effects and to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication prescribed.

Better Morning is credentialled with most of the private insurances like Aetna, CareFirst, Anthem BSBS, Cigna, United Health Care, Medicare.


In addition to learning skills to help consumer’s live independently in the community, Better Morning also offers therapy to address issues that may be interfering with the consumer’s desire to truly be part of their own lives, whether it be due to past trauma, current stressors or a general feeling of depression. Therapy appointments are scheduled at least once a week and are focused on assisting consumers with exploring and resolving past issues while also learning to cope with current life struggles. We have bilingual therapists who speak Spanish. We accept all major private health insurance carriers, out of pocket payments and payments through credit cards.